How to use View Layers in Blender 2.8

Jacob Swing covers the changes to Blender’s render layer system, now called View Layers.

Blender 2.8 made some considerable changes to the UI and how the open-source 3D app works. One such change is the render layer system. It might take a while to get reoriented with how things work. Check out Jacob Swing’s latest tutorial to help you understand the View Layer system in Blender 2.8 and above.

Render Layers Now View Layers.

“When Blender 2.8 came out, the render layer system was completely revamped,” Swing mentions. “Even the name had changed from Render Layers to View Layers.” 

For many, this has been a source of frustration. However, with a little time spent to understand the new system, the view layers system can give you the exact results you need!

About Jacob Swing.

Jacob Swing is a VFX artist currently studying in China for his Master’s degree in Digital Media with a focus on feature-length animation.