Stop Using Attribute Transfer for Mograph Effects

Five31 questions using Attribute Transfer at all in Mograph work with Houdini.

Side FX Houdini is a logical step up from Cinema 4D when it comes to procedural motion graphics work. A popular thing to do is to use an attribute transfer when creating mograph effects. Yet, Liam Clisham questions, “why are people still using attribute transfers?”

“For most mograph-like setups in Houdini, users have been accustomed to having to make overly complex setups using attribute transfers.” In Houdini 18, Sidefx introduced the Mask from Object node which streamlines the process greatly into one or two nodes.

Mask From Geometry.

The question comes in light of the Mask from Geometry feature. Liam shows how easy Mask from Geometry can be, and if you want to go further into simplification, MOPs. The feature solves a lot of the hassles encountered when using the transfers that many of us use for mograph effects.

About Liam Clisham.

Liam Clisham is a creative and motion designer from the Baltimore region. You can find more about him and his work at