Slug Life

A day in the life of Tanya, a curious woman who has developed a taste for lab made lovers.

Directed by Sophie Koko Gate

Tanya: Jeanette Bonds
Caz & Jane: Sophie Koko Gate
Marcy: Tom Scotcher
The Sun: Vincent Oliver

Screamo Singer: Adam Aftanas
Theremin: Sveinbjorn Thoraensen

Music & Sound Design by Skillbard & Johnny Wildey
Marcy’s Song by Skillbard
Nice Face by The Chap

Animation: Anne-Lou Erambert, Sophie Koko Gate, Sacha Beeley
Storyboard and Design: Bridget Meyne & Sophie Koko Gate

Vibe Consultant: Rachel Sale

Colour, Cleanup & Background Animation:
Baris Cavusoglu
Sacha Beeley
Gabriel Lim
Jenny Wright
Lucy Redman
Rosie Gate
Rozalina Burkova
Rachel Sale
Sophie Koko Gate

Mixed and Recorded by Vincent Oliver

5.1 Mix by David Currie

Cartoon Network Award for Best Narrative Short – Ottawa International Animation Festival
Best Sound – Ottawa International Animation Festival
Special Jury Recognition – SXSW 2019
FX Elevation Award – Glas Animation 2019
Jury Special Mention – Vienna Shorts 2019

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