How to Create an RGB Split in Ae Using the Free Quick Chromatic Aberration Plugin

Plugin Everything shows how you can easily create an RGB split effect with their free Chromatic Aberration plugin.

You can choose to create an RGB split (a chromatic aberration effect) manually in After Effects. There are a few tutorials out there that show this in one way or another. Thanks to the people at Plugin Everything, the process becomes much more comfortable using their free Quick Chromatic Aberration plugin.

Using Quick Chromatic Aberration in Ae.

RGB separation is a significant effect to add realism or to push an image into stylization. The RGB split effect is a breeze using the plugin. The tutorial covers creating a chromatic aberration effect and then showing how you can save time using the plugin.

Get the Free Chromatic Aberration plugin.

The plugin offers GPU acceleration, 32bpc color, and infinite repeat edges. Check out the page for Plugin Everything and download a copy here.