How to Build Hardwood Floors Procedurally in Houdini

Hristo Velev shows how to create a simple procedural setup, great for creating hardwood floors.

Procedural modeling has a lot of practical uses. One helpful thing is to have the setup to generate repetitive patterns and fill spaces precisely. In the work=ld of ArchVis, that means something like kitchen cabinets, handrails, and of course, floor tiles. Check out this new tutorial from Hristo Velev that shows how you can create a simple setup to create hardwood floors in Side FX Houdini.

Building Procedural Floor Tiles.

The tutorial covers creating a floor tile set up and covers how to extract profiles with Carve. Edge Fracture and lines handle cutting the boards into various sizes. Finally, a custom displacement works to break up the pieces to add visual interest. Download the project file for the tutorial here.

About Hristo Velev

Hristo Velev is a founder at Bottleship VFX, a boutique that specializes in dynamic effects in Bulgaria.