Create an Amazing Looking Flamethrower in Blender

Iridesium shows how to build and shade a realistic flamethrower effect using MantaFlow in Blender.

Blender added MantaFlow recently, a simulation system that handles gas, smoke, fire, and liquids. The system replaces the existing fluid simulation systems in Blender. I’m not sure anyone is too upset about that. MantaFlow offers an easier to use system and offers much better results. Check out this new tutorial from Joel Adams (Iridesium) that shows how you can build and shade a realistic flamethrower effect in Blender with MantaFlow.

MantaFlow in Blender.

Mantaflow is an open-source fluid simulation framework developed and maintained at the Games Engineering group of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Joel’s tutorial covers working with the finer details of the smoke simulator from creating an emitter, changing the particle, smoke domain, and viewport settings, to creating the fire shader.

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