How to Create Splash Animations With Mantaflow

CG Geek shows how to create water and splashes using Blender’s Mantaflow.

While Blender always had a fluid and smoke simulator, it lacked in a few areas. With the release of Blender 2.82, the blender team introduced Mantaflow integration, and it’s pretty awesome. Check out this new tutorial from the CG Geek Steve Lund that covers creating splash animations with the new system.

Water Splash Animations With Mantaflow.

The tutorial shows how to work with fluid domains and settings. Lund also compares attributes to the older system to help ground new users as he goes. There are also some handy tips to handle computer resources while simulating.

Mantaflow in Blender.

Mantaflow handles gas, smoke, fire, and liquid simulations, and replaces the existing fluid simulation systems in Blender completely. Mantaflow comes from an open-source fluid simulation framework developed and maintained at the Games Engineering group of the Technical University of Munich (TUM).