KeenTools FaceBuilder Gets Easier to Use in Blender

An Update to FaceBuidler in Blender adds an auto-setup to help get started.

KeenTools 2.1.0 is out and offers a host of better things for both Nuke and Blender. FaceBuilder adds a new auto-setup in Blender, making it much easier and faster to get started.

FaceBuilder in Blender.

Until recently, you needed photos shot with a single camera and the same settings you later had to set up in FaceBuilder manually. With the latest release, all you need to do is load your photos and start modeling. The Blender add-on will set up the focal length and the sensor size for each of your photos. If the pictures contain any EXIF data, the tool will use that to give exact results.

The latest release in Blender also offers a user interface rebuild based on feedback from the community.

Get FaceBuilder.

Download the new FaceBuilder for Blender and the updated Nuke package here. KeenTools offers 15 days of fully functional trial for all plugins, and should you purchase a license for FaceBuilder — it’s for both Nuke and Blender.