Do more with Particles in Fusion and Resolve

A new guide from Noah Hähnel covers working with custom particles and forces in Fusion and Resolve.

Are you looking to up your particle game in Fusion? Two incredibly useful nodes in both Black Magic Design Fusion and Resolve are pCustom and pCustomForce. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information out there about the two. Even the documentation is sparse. Now we have a new article from Noah Hähnel that offers a dedicated page for practical examples with pCustom and pCustomForce and some use-cases.

Do More With Fusion Particles.

Noah’s particle page should help you to learn more about Fusion and Resolve particles. “This isn’t a complete list of all possibilities for VFX or Motion Graphics; it’s simply a collection of methods that I have used before or know about,” Hähnel adds.

Check out the page for pCustom, pCustomForce Examples – Do more with Fusion Particles (DaVinci Resolve) here.

About Noah Hähnel.

Noah is a VFX Generalist, living in Berlin, who creates VFX, Motion Graphics and 3D Animation to Software and Hardware Tests and Tutorials.