Tool Building and Automation With Python in Houdini

Netinho da Costa shares a huge new playlist on programming with Python in Houdini.

Tool building and automation mean that you’re going to need some scripting. Most DCC’s will have some sort of embedded language, but all (worth anything) will also have Python. Check out this new playlist from Netinho da Costa (VFX Lessons) that offers a deep dive into some of the processes behind tool building and automation with Python in SideFX Houdini.

Automation With Python in Houdini.

The playlist is a veritable free course that runs around 32 hours, which is astounding. The course uses five categories to present the information. The Big Picture, a general overview. The Fundamentals which consists of 13 videos. Full Projects (Multiple Projects from beginning to the end). Beyond the Fundamentals (More advanced tutorials you can use on a need-to-know basis) and finally Contextualization (Masterclasses regarding all kinds of decisions you can make as a programmer, and interviews with fellow Houdini Python coders).