Check Out These Free Templates and Assets for Gaffer

Ezequiel Mastrasso offers some free Gaffer templates and asset examples.

Gaffer TD at Cinesite Montreal, Ezequiel Mastrasso, posts some free templates and example assets that you can use for Gaffer. You may already know about Gaffer, the free and open-source node-based app for look developers, lighters, and compositors. “Gaffer is the heart of studios like Cinesite, ImageImage, Trixter, just to name a few and a myriad of blockbuster films.

Think Katana, but… free,” Mastrasso says. “It comes out of the box with support for Arnold, and Appleseed, and In the last few months has seen a huge effort regarding UX, and productivity tools for lighting.”

Gaffer Template and Assets Examples.

With the latest release of Gaffer, there are some new resources for artists and TD’s alike. Mastrasso added two repositories that offer scene examples and a set of essential tools, configurations, and nodes that can help others get started and showcase its ease of use flexibility. These repositories are active, updated with each new Gaffer features, and open to artist contributions.

Gaffer Scene examples:  

Lookdev and Multi-shot lighting examples templates using Agent 327’s Barbershop and Blender’s classroom.


Note: This is required for the Gaffer example scenes to works. 

A set of basic tools, configurations, and nodes for Gaffer, to get you started in some of its areas and showcase it’s easy to use flexibility.

You check out all the latest features, birds of feathers talks, and how Gaffer is being used in studios here and