First Steps Into Visual Programming With Bifrost

Roland Reyer offers an introduction to visual programming with Bifrost in Maya.

While Bifrost is an exciting development for all of us, it isn’t very comforting for many of us. Just the other day, I choose to use old-school Maya fluids instead after poking around in Bifrost for a bit. Sure, there are many introductions out there, but the vast nodes, compounds, and attributes in Bifrost make me put it away if I’m not in a “discovery” mode kind of mood.

Taking First Steps Into Visual Programming.

Bifrost is an FX and simulation environment. Yet it doesn’t have to be. The Autodesk team made it a node-based playground that can handle a lot of tasks, much like Softimage ICE back in the day. 

Here, Autodesk’s Roland Reyer shows an introduction to visual programming with Bifrost. “Instead of complex dynamic simulations, I will show you how to modify geometry with Bifrost.”

The demonstration explains some essential concepts for handling Bifrost and for editing data in Bifrost. Let’s get into it!