Jeff Webb’s Memory of a Stolen Car

My family bought this Buick LeSabre in 1985. I loved riding around in the car as a kid and it eventually became my first car. The car got stolen on my watch. This is a reflection on that time in my life.

This project began as a 3D modeling challenge but it turned into a short story and a huge learning experience.

3D car model: 1985 Buick LeSabre Collector’s Edition

Jeff Webb – Personal Project:
3D car model asset and various environment assets, Narrative, Animation, Editing, Art Direction, Direction, Lighting, Sound, Compositing

Modeled and textured in Cinema4D, Octane, and Substance Alchemist

Edited in Adobe Premiere and Composited in After Effects

3D Tree models:

MARiAN – lofi chillhop
Sine Waves by Aulx Studio