How to Build FK, IK, Bendy Bone, and Spline IK Rigs in Blender

Dikko runs through rigging the same arm 4 times, using FK, IK, Bendy Bones, and spline IK in Blender.

A new tutorial from Richard Shilling (Dikko!) offers a step-by-step guide to building some of the most common character rigs components. There are a few different methods or systems for creating animate-able rigs in 3D. These consist of FK, IK, and stretchy type limbs and spline IK – Each handing a specific task in animation scenarios.

FK, IK, Bendy Bones, and spline IK.

While rigging components for limbs are pretty much standard amongst 3D Apps, Blender has a unique Bendy Bone, a more intuitive and flexible stretchy bone system. The tutorial is an excellent introduction for Maya/Max users who wish to transfer their rigging skills to Blender.

About Richard Shilling.

Richard “Dikko!” Shilling is an independent artist and 3D generalist based in Melbourne, Australia.