How to Remove Trackers With Blender

Jacob Swing shows one approach to tracker removal using Blender 2.9.

An essential process for visual effects work is getting a clean plate to hold the new effects. Removing things like trackers that are in the shot becomes part of the workflow. This new tutorial from Jacob Swing shows how you can easily remove trackers in your shot using Blender.

Tracker Removal Techniques.

I have personally searched all over Youtube for a tracker removal tutorial in Blender and failed to come up with anything, so after some research, I decided to make one myself. Tracker Removal is so essential to the compositor utility belt and one I personally use often. I hope that this can be helpful to you.

About Jacob Swing.

Jacob Swing is an Asia based CG Generalist. He started using Blender back in the late ’90s, and his love for the program has never waned. Currently, Jacob works as a freelance Modeler and Videographer.