How to Output Multiple C4D Node Streams to the Scene Output

Jonas Pilz offers a quick tip for getting multiple outputs into the scene with Scene Nodes.

If you are getting into working with Scene Nodes in the latest versions of C4D, you may be wondering how you get multiple outputs to show in the viewport.

A new quick tip tutorial from Jonas Pilz shows how, by using the Children Operator node. You can easily add all the input streams you need and then route the output to the scene. It’s an easy method you can use to output multiple node streams quickly.

Maxon is working on Cinema 4D’s core, and as a technology preview, C4D users can work with the new Scene Nodes. The tech preview in Cinema 4D is something very similar to the concepts used in Softimage ICE (interactive creative environment) and Maya Bifrost Graph. You can command everything in the scene with nodes and build out complex setups using a node-based workflow.