New infinite horizon lets you make mind-bending landscapes in Ae

Creation Effects new Ae template lets you create mind-blowing, perspective-bending scenes easily.

A new After Effects template from the masters at Creation Effects lets you create perspective-bending scenes using your own footage or photos, right in Adobe After Effects. 

 “Infinite Horizon” is an After Effects template that allows users to create mind-blowing, perspective-bending scenes from your footage or photos right in Adobe After Effects. 

Bend Landscapes to Your Will.

Drop-in your landscape and designate the horizon. Open one of the 14 presets that come with the template to see your footage bent or curved. The infinite horizon template is customizable, allowing you to build a ton of other-worldly scenes. 

Add Finishing Touches.

Customize the bend, shadows, highlights, and background with easy-to-use controls. The 3D comps allow you to convert your bent landscapes into 3D scenes, allowing you to animate a camera through and around your landscape in three dimensions. Bend or curve 2D layers in real 3D with the included “Layer Bender” tool. Create intricate kaleidoscope animations from your footage.

Get Infinite Horizon.

The template is compatible with Adobe After Effects, versions CC 2019, and all later versions. Works on both PCs and Macs. No plug-ins are required. Learn more here, and get Infinite Horizon here.