Create and Render Templates Without After Effects

Danim Creator lets you create After Effects templates without having to launch After Effects.

There is no doubt that a large portion of the motion graphics and animation workflow involves working with templates more often. Whether you are using templates as a starting point, making tools for your clients, or automating your own workflow, templates are undoubtedly useful. 

But what if you could create After Effects templates without having to actually launch After Effects?

Danim Creator Standalone.

Danim Creator, From Danim Data Animation, is a standalone application that allows you to create complex After Effects templates and render hundreds of videos from an easy-to-use form without launching After Effects. Danim Creator offers a host of features like responsive design/multi ratio, color theming, adjustable fonts, reorderable comps.

Think of Danim Creator as “something like motion graphics templates,” but with a ton more features.

Danim Creator is now in Beta; visit the site to learn more.

You may remember Damin from Adrien du Repaire’s free box script a while back that automatically adjusted text and boxes to the type’s size.