How to Create a Real-time Animated Sword Trail in Blender

Pierrick Picaut creates a game-friendly real-time sword trail in Blender from scratch.

You can create an animated sword trail in Blender by breaking it up into two sections. First building the animated texture, and then rigging and animation of the trial. Animator Pierrick Picaut shows us how to create a real-time sword trail from scratch in Blender and your favorite game engine.

The tutorial covers creating the trail mesh, the fire mask, building the shader, and rigging the trail to generate the animated effect.

About Pierrick Picaut.

Pierrick Picaut is a Blender Foundation Certified trainer and CG Director at Atypique Studio, a french Indie game studio. Picaut is creating deep-dive tutorials that cover industry-standard workflows in Blender. If you haven’t already, you can check out more of his tutorials here.