Fast and Procedural Rock Generation With Houdini

Daniel de Carvalho shows how you can make rocks in Houdini quickly and easily.

A new tutorial from Daniel de Carvalho shows how you can use Side FX Houdini and Quixel Bridge to create procedural rocks quickly. The tutorial overs working with the Triplanar Displace tool from SideFX Labs, so you don’t even need to create UVs for this process.

Carvalho also shows how to use Quixel Bridge to apply seamless procedural textures for great-looking rocks.

More Houdini Rocks.

Check out another rock generator system from Simon Verstraete that shows how to spawn and drop rocks in Houdini with a bit of Python.

About Daniel de Carvalho.

Daniel de Carvalho is an FX Technical Director/Houdini Generalist working in the South of England.