Create a Houdini Tool That Spawns and Drops Rocks

Simon Verstraete shows how you can make a Python tool to create rocks and drop them to the ground.

A new tutorial from the Simon Houdini channel (Simon Verstraete) shows how you can use Python in Side FX Houdini to create a tool that will generate rocks and make them fall and smash when they hit the ground. Why? for a couple of reasons. It’s a great way to get more familiar with making python tools, and it could also be a great way to create scenes with lots of debris and destruction scattered around.

Make Rocks and Smash Them.

The tutorial comes from Simon’s Houly entry. A previous walkthrough showed how he created¬†a rock generator. This tutorial takes things a few steps further by showing how you can make an interactive falling rock tool.

“In the video I will start from scratch so you can follow along, I do recommend that you have a good understanding of Houdini before following the video.”

“This tool was made during the Houly challenge and took around 2 hours to build. It was a real fun tool to make and has a lot of potential.”