5 Hard Surface Sculpting Tips for Nomad Sculpt

SouthernGFX runs through the five tools he uses most in Nomad Sculpt for hard surface work.

Glen Southern offers some insights into creating hard surface models with Nomad. The tutorial shows off 5 of the tools used most and then shows the application building a spaceship.

Nomad Sculpt is a pretty handy painting and sculpting application for mobile devices that features an extensive toolset and an intuitive UI. 

“Hard surface sculpting is well established in programs like ZBrush and Blender and quite a few others now but don’t forget we have it right there on the iPad with the Nomad app.” Southern says. “In this video, I’ll look at five tips for creating hard surface models in Nomad Sculpt, focusing on a couple of new features that arrived in version 1.37 last week. This week’s project is a spaceship that was made out of primitives and then improved with a lot of different core tools.”