Cavalry Beta Adds Lottie, PSD, and Rich Text Support

Check out what’s new in the latest beta of Cavalry.

The Cavalry team posts a look at some of the new things in the Cavalry 1.1 Beta 2. “This release is mainly about stability and bug fixes but, as ever, there are some new treats, particularly if you work with text or Lottie”

Have a look at how easy Lottie export and dynamic rendering is in Cavalry. The latest beta also adds import for PSD, rich text, and a bunch more. 

New Features in beta 2 include:

  • Rich Text Shape – this shape allows you to mix styles in the same text shape. This is behind the beta flag in preferences, as it’s still a work in progress. Please see further notes below.
  • Lottie export – find it in the File menu or the Render Queue formats. See below for what is supported so far.
  • Composition Preferences – you can now set a default resolution, frame rate, and composition range via the new tab in the Preferences window.
  • Control Center window – promote any attribute from the Attribute Editor to this window to create a commonplace to access essential controls in your scene. You can add and remove attributes by right-clicking on them in the Attribute Editor and selecting “Add to Control Center” or “Remove from Control Center.”
  • The Apply Layout Deformer lets you take an existing set of meshes (e.g., something created by the Duplicator) and arrange them in a layout.
  • PSD Import (flattened).
  • There’s a new Tip Window! You can get at this from the Help menu or the pill in the Message Bar. You can turn the pill off in the Preferences window.
  • New Rectangle Pattern shape. You can use this to create dashed patterns of rectangles in a line or ring. Useful for creating elements for FUIs, barcodes, pie charts, and stacked bar charts.
  • Get Name utility will get the name of a layer, which you can then pipe into something else, e.g., a Text shape.
  • You can now paste images into Cavalry. If you have a project set, they will save into your assets folder; otherwise, the image saves at that location if you save your scene. If you have no scene saved, will place the image on your Desktop.
  • Press the U key to solo selected layers and their animation.

Download Cavalry.

Check out Cavalry and the pricing tiers. You can get Cavalry for around $16/month. You can start your journey into the future of motion design apps for free.

What better way to learn how to create generative art, character animation, and data visualizations than a great getting started series. Visit the Scene Group to learn more about Cavalry.

Beta builds are currently only available to ‘Professional’ users. If that’s you, you can access the installers via​.