5 Best New Features in Nomad Sculpt

Glen Southern covers Nomad sculpt’s latest features, including spotlights, tube, save brushes, lathe, and insert.

Nomad Sculpt is on a pretty fast-paced development cycle and has new tools practically every week. SouthernGFX (Glen Southern) walks through the new features as they come. “Of all the iPad sculpting apps (and there aren’t many!) Nomad Sculpt leads the pack for updates by a wide margin!” Glen says.

“The developer Stephane posts almost every week showing what tools he is adding, features he’s improving, and what bug fixes he’s been addressing.”

Southern offers us a look at the 5 best features in Nomad’s recent updates. “iPad sculpting is fast becoming a legitimate way for newer artists to get into 3D Sculpting, and with apps like Nomad adding pro-level features at this rate, it’s not surprising.”

“Let’s hope that it gives Maxon, who just purchased Forger App, something to aim for!”

Nomad Sculpt is a pretty handy painting and sculpting application for mobile devices that features an extensive toolset and an intuitive UI.