Check Out This Suite of Open-Source Bifrost Rigging Compounds

Check Out This Suite of Open-Source Bifrost Compounds for Rigging

Daniel Lindsey’s DL-Core Bifrost rigging compounds offer Array, Transform Weighting, Geometry, and Deformers Nodes.

A new open-source project started by Daniel Lindsey, a Media & Art Pipeline Manager Senior at Walt Disney Imagineering, offers a rigging toolset based in Bifrost.

Bifrost dl-core “expands on the style of character rigging that was the Rhythm and Hues studio’s backbone that helped make it the character house that it was.” Lindsey says. “The indirect deformation methods may take some time to get used to, but in my opinion, it is a superior method to vertex painting.”

The tools use Bifrost and contain several compounds that you can use to build other compounds when rigging. “I decided to start working in Bifrost, as this already gives users in multiple Autodesk applications access to the same rigging procedures, which has been long overdue in our industry.”

The Bifrost Compounds range from Array and Transform nodes to Weighting, Geometry, and Deformers. Visit the Github page to learn more about DL-Core Bifrost rigging compounds.