How to Light Models and Scenes in Nomad Sculpt

SouthernGFX shows how to set up a 3-point light setup using Nomad Sculpt on a tablet.

A new tutorial from SouthernGFX (Glen Southern) looks at using lights and lighting setups in Nomad Sculpt. While we are all familiar with 3-point light setups in 3D, Southern shows how you can get great lighting from Nomad Sculpt on a tablet.

Glen shows how to use an HDRI to reflect a real-world scene on your models in Nomad. “We can use directional lights (world lights) or spotlights, PBR (physically based rendering) materials, and even change cone angle, softness, and color.”

Nomad Sculpt is a painting and sculpting application for mobile devices, like an iPad, that features an extensive toolset and an intuitive UI.