New Moho Adds Quad Meshes, Wind Dynamics, and More

Moho 13.5 adds things like wind dynamics, quad meshes, and new Vitruvian bones to handle foreshortening better.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new release for Moho. Recently the animation software went back home to the original developer, Lost Marble. We have a new release that sees some new features in Moho that include new Vitruvian bones, quad meshes in deformations, and a new simulation feature that can add wind dynamics to scenes.

Vitruvian Bones.

Vitruvian bones allow you to set up a puppet rig for animating foreshortening and other complex actions. “Inspired by Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing, Vitruvian Bones are a new and powerful way to rig your characters.” The V-bone system lets you have alternate drawings and sets of bones. For example, you can have different heads, each with its controllers, or the same limb in different perspectives.

Wind Dynamics.

Moho adds to its physics toolset with wind dynamics. It’s an easy way to make things sway in the wind, add life to a character’s clothes, hair, or have flags wave automatically.

Quad Meshes.

Moho 13.5 lets you animate artwork using Quad Meshes. “Animate your artwork in true perspective by simply attaching a four points shape to it. Or create grids for your characters -combining triangles and quads- and make them move like 3D.”

Moho comes in Pro versions and a lower-cost Debut version. Visit Lost Marble to learn more about Moho 13.5 here.