Learn how to use PureRef like a Pro

Arvid Schneider covers tips and tricks for using PureRef, and probably lots of stuff you didn’t know.

PureRef is an app that lets you keep your visual references at hand while you work and is pretty amazing. I’m sure lots, like myself, use PureRef and only scratch the surface. That’s pretty clear after you watch Arvid Schneider’s latest.

Arvid covers many things that you probably didn’t know about PureRef, and holy smokes, if it doesn’t make already valuable software that much more incredible. Watch Arvid run through a host of tips and learn how to use the artist-inspiration tool like a pro.

There are Other Choices too.

Allusion is an app created by Daniel Kreuter that helps you to organize your visual reference library in a single place. You can keep your entire collection of references and inspirations and any other kind of images at hand with it. Check out and download Allusion for free here.