Working With the Free Boney Rig for Cinema 4D

Aleksey Voznesenski shows off the Boney Rig features, free for C4D users.

Ace5 Studios has a lot of character rigs for animators, all in Cinema 4D. Aleksey has a few free ones that you can download and use too, and one of those is the Boney rig, a simplified bipedal character.

Ace5 also has a lot of premium rigs that are well worth the money. For example, Marty is the latest and comes with a complete range of facial expressions, smooth deformations and poses, standard IK and FK controllers, a couple of things to wear, complete UV mapping, and more.

Get Marty.

Currently, Ace5 is selling Marty at an introductory price of $94.99; as more stuff gets added to the pack, the price will go up, so be sure to take advantage of the initial sale! Visit Ace5 to learn more here.