Some Power-Tips for Working With Onion Skinning in Toon Boom Harmony

Adam Oliver shows off some great tips for using Onion Skin in Toon Boom Harmony.

Everyone knows of onion skin tools, one of the animator’s best means to see multiple drawings. While most 2D animation (and 3D too) will have onion skinning tools, you should check out Adam Oliver’s latest tutorial if you use Toon Boom Harmony.

Even if you know how onion skin works in Harmony, this video is still a must-watch. “Even if you do know, you’ll find a heap of useful tips here on how the pros use onion skinning in Toon Boom Harmony,” Olive says.

The techniques covered here are for both hand-drawn animation and cut-out alike. If you’re interested in learning rigging from an animation professional, take a look at our courses over at Adam’s Animation Academy. 5 weeks, part-time, learn from anywhere in the world with tutored, one-to-one feedback.