Onion Skin Renderer Updates With New Features

Christoph Lendenfeld’s Onion Skin Renderer for Maya Updates With Support for OpenGL, Dx11, and More Maya Versions

Christoph Lendenfeld’s Onion Skin Renderer is a ghosting tool that operates as a viewport plugin for Autodesk Maya. “I wanted to have something like the ghosting functionality in Maya, but unfortunately this doesn’t work with skinned meshes”. Lendenfeld says. “I know there are solutions like bhGhost but they come with a render overhead and always display the same frame”. Lendenfeld says.

A new release of the viewport ghosting tool sees some innovative refinements and some user-driven features bringing the VP2 extension to version 1.1. Onion Skin Renderer adds support for OpenGL and Dx11, and Maya versions 2016 to 2018.

Also in the release is a handy new shelf icon and the ability to add sets to the tool. There is a new global opacity slider for quickly setting the intensity of the ghosted images. Now when you move a camera, the onion skins will disappear, clearing up your scene. If the camera is animated, the ghosts will remain. You can set if you want onion skinning to clear on camera moves or not in the preferences.

OnionSkinRenderer for Maya is free to download. Check here for more information.