Flipped explores the absurdity of a world where the roles of kids and adults are switched. The story follows a day full of bizarrely reversed interactions, unravelling the dynamics of this relationship and how the characters adapt in such a world.

Making of:

A film by: Hend Esmat & Lamiaa Diab
Sound Design: Patrick Henchman
Animation: Lamiaa Diab, Hend Esmat, Patrycja Szypula, Melissa Pinto, Wiktoria Filipiak
Color Design: Luisa Cruz

Best Animation Film in Overcome Film Festival, US, 2019.
Special Mention in Anima, Cordoba, 2019.
Official Selections:

Anima, Belgium, 2019.
ITFS, Germany, 2019.
Animac, Spain, 2019.
Animafest Junior, Cyprus, 2019.
Athens Animfest, Greece, 2019.
New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival, US, 2019.
Glas Animation Festival, Berkeley, 2019.
Anima Mundi, Brazil, 2019.
Monstra, Lisbon, 2019.
Under the Radar, Austria, 2019.
Play International Kids Film Festival, Lisbon, 2019.
FilmFest Dresden, Germany, 2019.
Pictoplasma, Germany,2019.
Seatle International Film Festival, US, 2019.
ANIMA, Córdoba International Animation Festival, Argentina, 2019.
Crested Butte Film Festival, USA, 2019.
Anibar International Animation Festival, Kosovo,2019.
Fest Anca, Slovakia, 2019.
New Zealand International Film Festival, 2019.
Flatpack festival, Birmingham, 2019.
Insomnia Int Animation Film Festival, Russia, 2019.
Madrid Film Festival, Spain, 2019.

KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival, 2018.
Animage, Brazil, 2018.
Viborg Animation Festival, Denmark, 2018.
OFFline Film Festival, Ireland, 2018.
PRIMANIMA, Hungary, 2018.
LIAF, London, 2018.
Thessaloniki Animation Festival, Greece, 2018.
SPARK Animation, Canada, 2018.
Prime the Animation, Spain, 2018.
Leuven International Short Film Festival, Belgium,2018.
Animateka, Slovenia, 2018.
Animasivo, Mexico, 2018.
Anilogue, Hungary, 2018.