Hands-On With Danim Creator for After Effects

Check out this complete course for working with Danim Creator, which turns AE projects into templates.

The Danim team posts a complete video course for working with Danim Creator, a tool that lets you transform your After Effects project into a template quickly. Danim Creator lets you use your AE projects with a generation form, on or offline, with fonts, colors, and ratios that are customizable in a few clicks. The course is over 3 hours of video to learn how to create advanced templates with Danim Creator, make videos through an online or offline form, or batch render hundreds of videos from Google Sheet.

“We also published our new website in which you can try Danim templates online to create videos directly from your web browser: https://danim.com.”

“We’re still in beta, so anyone can create and upload their template to their danim.com dashboard and send us feedback to improve these tools before their final launch.”