How to Rig a Car in Blender Without Using Add-ons

Christoph Werner runs through how to rig a car in Blender from scratch.

There are more than a few rigging add-ons out there that allow you to create automobile rigs in Blender. Those work fine, but if you’ve ever wondered how you can create one on your own, have a look at this new tutorial from Christoph Werner.

Christoph shows how you can rig a car in Blender, which, in the end, lets you drive a vehicle on a custom-defined path. You’ll be able to define the driving direction and speed of the car, and the vehicle will respond. “The wheels rotate by using the proper revolution, even backward if necessary.” 

The car driver in the rig also behaves realistically and moving the steering wheel according to the wheel’s current direction. 

What’s more, the whole animation is controlled just by one value.

About Christoph Werner.

Christoph Werner is a freelance Art Director and CG Artist located in Germany. Along with his freelance work, Werner makes tutorials and offers digital products for CG software like Blender. Werner is one of the official tutors for the 3D-Coat. He was the first one who translated 3D-Coat into german.