Corona for C4D Adds Cleatcoat and Sheen in a New Physical Material

Corona Render for Cinema 4D has a new physical material that offers new shading features.

Check out what’s new in Corona Render for Cinema 4D. Corona 7 offers a new physical material that handles things like Clearcoat and Sheen effects. The popular renderer also has support for OpenVDB files or fire and smoke simulations.

Corona Render 7 Features:

  • A new Physical Material offers greater realism without extra work from you and more excellent compatibility with other software and workflows with mapped Metalness, a choice of Roughness or Glossiness mode, and more.
  • The Corona Material Library has been added – over 500 materials to use instantly in your scenes.
  • Corona Sky PRG Clear Sky Model is the new name for the “Improved” model and now includes Volume Effect (aerial perspective), Turbidity, Altitude, and Horizon Blur controls.
  • The Corona Volume Grid allows the loading of OpenVDB for smoke, fire, etc.
  • Faster! Rendering is faster thanks to processing passes in blocks (invisibly, in most cases), optimized opacity/absorption with multiple hits, faster denoising, and a general faster speed up that even affects empty scenes!
  • Tooltips added.

Learn more about Corona Render 7 for Cinema 4D here.