How to Mix Mocap and Keyframe Animation in C4D

Aleksey Voznesenski shows how you can blend from motion capture and hand-keyframed animation in Cinema 4D. 

Check out this quick tip tutorial from Ace5’s Aleksey Voznesenski that shows how you can mix mocap and hand-keyed animation. The trick is always a trick, and in this case, it’s to fake it by making a copy and matching them up into a seamless transition.

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The pack works with versions of C4D down to R19. More legs and arms are coming, too, according to Ace5’s Aleksey Voznesenski. “I will be adding more legs and arms to this pack and raising the price soon. If you buy now you get all the updates I make for it for the next year for free!” Check out the Arms and Legs Pack for C4D here.