How to Create Blendshapes With Bifrost

Marco D’Ambros explains making a blendshape deformer using Bifrost.

Maya’s Bifrost encourages experimentations, and with this demonstration, Technical Director Marco D’Ambros shows how you can create blendshapes with Bifrost.

“This is a beginner tutorial where I’m going to explain the logic behind the deformer in Maya (in this specific case, blendshape) and how to approach it with Bifrost.” D’Ambros says about the tutorial. “I try to mix theory with the practice example without going too deep, but let me know if you want more theory or math-focused tutorials.”

The premise behind the tutorial is to give a representation of visual scripting with Bifrost.

Speaking of rigging, Daniel Lindsey starts a suite of rigging nodes (that are open source), a Media & Art Pipeline Manager Senior at Walt Disney Imagineering, offers a rigging toolset based in Bifrost.