How to Generate Proxies Dynamically for Vellum Sims

Ryan Paterson shows how to generate proxies dynamically for high res deformations with Vellum.

Simulations are fun and get more complex quickly when you expand on a look or theme. Take, for example, creating a pile of pizza slices in Side FX Houdini. It’s easy enough to sim a single piece of low-resolution geo and then point-deform back to high res for Vellum, but what about when you have multiple objects? 

This new tutorial from Ryan Paterson shows how he created an animation of a pile of 3D scanned pizza slices. Ryan answers the question posed in the tutorial, “what if you want to generate them on the fly? What about when you’ve got more than one mesh?”.

It sounds like tricky stuff, but it’s not super difficult once you wrap your head around it.