How to Use Houdini to Create Balls Bouncing in a Stairwell

Thomas James and VFX Tutors cover how to create an FX shot of balls bouncing in a stairwell. 

This new tutorial from FX TD/Houdini Generalist Thomas James covers an entire FX shot from beginning to end, showing how to add a massive amount of balls to a plate shot in a stairwell.

The tutorial shows how to import a match moved camera and set data in Houdini. Then James covers setting up and improving simulations and finally setting up materials and renders with AOVs.


VFX Tutors Asset Pack.

The Thomas James tutorial is in conjunction with VFX Tutors, who offer all the assets as a pack, where you can download, follow along, or create your own objects to drop down the stairs. The pack comes with the original 4K Raw footage, tracked camera, set geometry, a NukeLDnode, HDRI’s used, lIght probe reference, and also includes the McBeth chart reference too.

Get the VFX Tutors – VFX Practice Scene – Stair Well Challenge files here.



About Thomas James.

Thomas is an FX TD/Houdini Generalist working in the South of England; check out his work here.