Exploring The Pyro Burst Source SOP in Houdini 19

Kate Xagoraris covers working with the new Pyro Burst Source SOP in Houdini.

Over the last little while, Kate Xagoraris makes her way through some of the more interesting tidbits in the latest release of Side FX Houdini. Her latest is a dive into the Pyro Burst Source SOP.

Kate shows how you can make a poof of dust and shows off some of the Pyro Source blast wave’s attributes and burst source. Houdini 19’s Pyro Burst Source creates points fit for sourcing into simulations to create explosions, muzzle flashes, shockwaves, and detonation rings.

About Kate Xagoraris.

Kate Xagoraris is a visual effects artist at Mr. X. In her spare time, she writes articles on exploring Houdini better and incorporating its tools with science. You can check out her work here.