How to Quickly Make a Pillow Using Vellum in Houdini

Rohan Dalvi shows a simple and fast way to make a pillow in Houdini Using Vellum and some other tricks.

Check out this latest quick-tip tutorial from Houdini Master trainer Rohan Dalvi. Watch Dalvi make a quick pillow using the Vellum solver in Side FX Houdini, working with Constraints, and other Vellum settings such as Pressure.

More on Vellum Constraints.

Check out this tutorial from Hristo Velev shows how you can effectively dissolve constraints over time and do it on a SOP level, rather than breaking your mind in DOPs.

About Rohan Dalvi.

Rohan Dalvi is a veteran 3D Artist and Trainer covering Side FX Houdini techniques and concepts.