How to Dissolve Vellum Constraints Over Time

Hristo Velev shows a simple SOPs setup that dissolves vellum constraints.

Creating, managing, and keying constraints are all a vital part of the simulation and animation workflow. When working with Vellum inside of Side FX Houdini, Vellum constraints are on a SOP level. However, breaking them, or animating their state may not be.

Dissolve Vellum Constraints.

A new tutorial from Hristo Velev shows how you can effectively dissolve constraints over time and do it on a SOP level, rather than breaking your mind in DOPs.

You can also check out a different tutorial from Rohan Dalvi that shows a few ways that you can break Vellum constraints over time.

About Hristo Velev

Hristo Velev is a founder at Bottleship VFX, a boutique that specializes in dynamic effects in Bulgaria.