Make a Splash Animation With Nexus in Cinema 4D

Bob Walmsley shows how to easily control fluids With Insidium Nexus to create a splash animation.

Check out this new tutorial from the folks at INSYDIUM that shows how to use Nexus and nxFluids to create a splash and logo animation within Cinema 4D.

“We’ll have unlimited control of our fluid particles using several Nexus modifiers,” says Bob Walmsley, visual FX artist & 3D animator at INSYDIUM.

Nexus is a GPU-driven particle and simulation system that works with X-Particles and is part of the Fused collection. The cross-platform particle simulation framework brings fluids, grains, constraints, and particle modifiers onto the GPU offering excellent viewport performance throughout due to the speed of the fluid solver nxFluids.


C4D has a lot of tools for artists to create dynamics and even more third-party stuff. X-Particles is becoming the one-stop shop for all that within C4D quickly.

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