X-Particles to get Full Fluid Dynamics Simulation?

There is no doubt that X-Particles was the savior for Cinema 4D’s internal particle systems. It is by far the most powerful particle toolset for C4d, that you can get on the market today. X-Particles is robust, easy to use, and affordable. Even if you are looking to create fluid effects, X-Particles can do that, partly due to FLIP solvers.

But what if you wanted a more fully featured voxel-grid based fund dynamics system? There are a few options for Cinema 4D users at the moment. Most notable, would be Turbulence FD from Jawset, and the new RealFlow C4D.

X-Particles With Fluids?

It looks like, however, we might have a new game in town when it comes to a fluid dynamics system for Cinema 4D. INSYDIUM LTD, Makers of X-Particles, announced that they have acquired ExplosiaFX, from BlackCore Technologies. ExplosiaFX is a fluid dynamics simulation tool that was integrated into the now-defunct Autodesk Softimage. The extension uses dynamically revising voxel grids, along with a modern multi-grid solver, offering quality fluid effects within a reasonable compute time.

Pipeline Ready.

ExplosiaFX supports the OpenVDB volumetric format, making the possibility of incorporating it into a pipeline, quite possible. At this point, it is unclear if INSYDIUM is planning to incorporate the new fluids tool into X-Particles, or create an entirely new plugin for Cinema 4D. The possibility of a new Fluids System for C4D is certainly exiting news either way.