How to Create a Grass Field and Wind Using VOPs in Houdini

Chetal Gazdar shows how to make a wind-swept grass field in Houdini using VOPS and a bit of VEX.

There are many ways in Side FX Houdini to handle things like grass and wind. This tutorial from Chetal Gazdar shows how to create such an effect using only VOPs and a bit of VEX.

Typically something like this would be using DOPs or dynamics nodes; however, Houdini is great for making custom solutions.

More on Wind Without Simulations in Houdini.

Check out this tutorial from Linus Rosenqvist that shows how to create a wind effect by simple CHOPs setup to animate grass blowing in the wind. While there are plenty of grass-building tutorials, few cover animation, and fewer still efficient animations without simulation.