How to Animate X-Particles Trails With the xpTrailDeformer

Insidium shows how to give X-Particles a natural wiggle and flow to particle trials in Cinema 4D.

The Insidium team, makers of X-Particles, started a new series called Top Tip Tuesdays. The first dives into creating natural and flowing particle trails using the xpTrailDeformer and more.

Learn how to animate X-Particles trails to give them a natural wiggle and flow.

The tutorial also covers working with formulae and shaders to control the look and create a mesh from xpTrails or any spline object using xpSplineMesher.


C4D has a lot of tools for artists to create dynamics and even more third-party stuff. X-Particles is becoming the one-stop shop for all that within C4D quickly.

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