Display Text In-Renders With This OSL Text Shader

Look Dev TD, Julius Ihle shares an OSL Text shader, a great way to add decals, burn-ins, etc., to your renders.

A few years ago, Look-Dev TD Julius Ihle shared a windowbox OSL shader that added an entire room to a single rendered plane. Julius has a new OSL shader project that allows you to create text in-shader.

The OSL Text Shader is great for adding decals, burn-ins, etc., to your renders. “I’ve gone on a bit of an adventure to implement an OSL shader which can be used to display arbitrary text right in your shader.” Julius says. “I’m using a library of images of all the common characters found on an English keyboard layout. These are read back into the shader based on the text input.”

Visit the OSL Text Shader page, or download it HERE.