How to Create Real-Time Splash Effects in Unreal Using Alembic

Johnathan Winbush shows how to use animated meshes in Unreal through Alembic Caches to create real-time splashes and effects.

Do you want to make a splash in Unreal Engine? Dynamics and physics can or cannot be real-time. When working in Unreal Engine, Alembic will allow you to create seemingly complex effects play without all the expense of the simulation calculation. Here, Jonathan Winbush shows how to use Alembic to create realistic water animations in no time using pre-cached animated meshes.

“You’ll be amazed by how easy and fun it is to make your own splash effects with Alembic files.”

Winbush notes. Jonathan Winbush is a force of nature for sharing techniques and workflows in 3D and Unreal Engine. Winbush recently won an Epic Mega Grant and, with it, created a new series to help others get started with Unreal Engine. The Unreal Engine 5 In 5 Days course helps to get new users up to speed with everything you need to get started in Unreal Engine 5.