How to Extrude Vector Images in Unreal Engine

Winbush shows how to quickly create 3D shapes by extruding vector images in Unreal Engine.

With the announcement for Unreal’s Motion Graphics setup, creating 3D shapes from vector shapes, such as flying logos, might become relevant. Jonathan Winbush provides a step-by-step guide for new users on extruding vector images in Unreal.

In development, known as Project Avalanche, Epic created a motion design workspace for Unreal Engine’s UI to create an environment where artists can use Unreal for real-time motion graphics. Thanks to Unreal’s motion design tools, consider it a tool that can mix 3D and 2D elements and push everything in real time.

“Learn how to seamlessly integrate 2D designs into a 3D space and create stunning motion graphics that stand out. Perfect for artists looking to expand their skill set in Unreal Engine’s powerful environment.”