A Glimpse Into Working With Unreal Motion Design Tools

Jonathan Winbush runs through workflow and new Unreal motion design tools in Unreal Engine 5.4.

Known as Project Avalanche in development, Epic created a motion design workspace for Unreal Engine’s UI to create an environment where artists can use Unreal for real-time motion graphics. Consider it a tool that can mix 3D and 2D elements and push everything in real-time, thanks to Unreal motion design tools.

Here, Jonathan Winbush shows off how to create some motion design standbys typically created in Ae but in Unreal Engine. Windbush offers a few videos as a comprehensive guide to getting started and working with Unreal 5.4 motion design tools.

Winbush shows how to work with type and graphics, auto-resize text and other elements, and create audio-reactive cloners in a real-time environment.

“Whether you’re a seasoned Unreal Engine pro or a curious beginner, this guide will empower you to create mesmerizing visual effects that pulse, twist, and morph in sync with sound waves.”